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Benefit from Industry-Leading Information Technology Services, Cost Savings and Ease of Doing Business with e360

Today’s businesses depend on technology, but sorting through the growing array of solutions, vendors and services, is confusing, consumes resources, and often doesn’t yield your intended value.

Through e360’s group purchasing agreements, Premier and Conductiv members can now access IT consulting services with the convenience of a streamlined contracting process, and a competitive pricing structure.

We have more than 30 years of experience across industries, including financial services, technology, government, education, and healthcare. Over the past 20 years, we have expanded significantly in healthcare, strengthening our industry knowledge as well as the depth of our expertise to serve healthcare clients across our service lines.

You will find that our team approach, along with our ability to bring holistic solutions across people, process and technology, truly sets us apart from our competition. This is one of the reasons we have successfully built relationships strong enough to last a lifetime, with both our employees and our clients.

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About e360

e360 is an award-winning IT consultancy specializing in cybersecurity, cloud, automation, end-user computing, software defined infrastructure, and Microsoft expertise. For nearly three decades, e360 has helped government, education and healthcare organizations achieve their business goals through product advisory services, technical consulting, and systems integration.

Security and Privacy

Automated tools are not enough to stay out of the headlines. There is a human element to security breaches. e360 uses a combination of people, processes and technology to deliver cyber programs and capabilities.

Teaming with leading security providers, the e360 security and privacy team works closely with our clients to ensure that their organization is prepared and has the tools and technologies in place to protect your data, applications and infrastructure in the event of a data breach or other cybersecurity incident.

Each member of the security and privacy team has an average of more than 10 years of experience in providing cyber security services, with many closing in on 20 years spent in this business. We are Certified Information Security Systems Professionals (CISSPs) and former Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs).

Cloud, DevOps and Automation

At e360, we consider Automation and  DevOps to be at the heart of everything we do. At the core of our Automation and Hybrid Cloud Service Practice is a firm commitment to helping our clients drive change within their IT cultures.

As such, we leverage DevOps to accelerate IT service delivery for our clients through the adoption of agile methodologies that are all part of a systems-oriented approach. One example of this is the use of configuration management technologies such as Ansible, Chef, and Puppet.

Through these technologies, we are able to dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of virtually any end-user computing (EUC), managed services, cloud computing, data center, and networking deployment, to name a few.

Digital Workplace

Today’s mobile workforce wants access to their workspaces, desktops, applications and data from any device, on any network, and located anywhere in the world.

As a result, IT organizations of all sizes are restructuring their facilities to adapt to increasing mobility. However, they still often struggle to provide premium services to their end-users while “keeping the lights on,” which means making sure infrastructure is up-to-date, security risks are minimized, and compliance is maintained.

e360’s Digital Workplace solutions include Desktop and Application Virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Workforce Optimization, Modern IT Management, and Secure Application Access.

Modern Infrastructure

Choosing the right data center virtualization strategy requires careful consideration—and expert guidance from a trusted source like e360 can help you determine the exact delivery method that’s right for your enterprise, whether your employees are task workers, knowledge workers, mobile workers—or a combination of all three.

e360 will conduct a thorough assessment of your datacenter virtualization needs, and our experts will work with your team to examine all of your business processes and supporting applications.

We will also rate processes and applications based on criticality of business impact—ultimately providing detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans for your key teams and departments. And, we will take every aspect of cost savings into consideration.

Enterprise Managed Services

With Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) from e360, we help our clients align their business initiatives with evolving industry trends in order to obtain a clear understanding of the impact that future technologies will have on IT business value.

Enterprise Managed Services from e360 include:

  • Enterprise Support Services which allows businesses to free up technical resources to focus on business initiatives that drive greater value for the business.
  • Lifecycle Management Services with proactive maintenance to increase ROI.
  • Infrastructure Management Services that enable secure access to essential resources from anywhere, helping businesses and their workforces remain flexible and resilient.
  • Microsoft Support Services that provide the business with access to the high quality support and services that enable them.

“We are proud to be partnering with Conductiv and Premier as a go-to technology services consulting supplier. Our extensive experience in providing technology services and solutions, combined with a streamlined contracting process for members, both strengthens our value proposition and differentiates e360 in an increasingly competitive marketplace. We look forward to working with Conductiv and Premier members to assist them in achieving their technology goals through our portfolio of industry leading IT Consulting Services.”

Mike Strohl

Chief Executive Officer

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Creating a strategy for managing risk and compliance, while helping to filter the noise of myriad cybersecurity technologies.

Modern Infrastructure

Empowering your enterprise to achieve its full potentialand greatest efficiencyby keeping IT infrastructure operational, available and secure.

Digital Workplace

Helping businesses keep infrastructure up-to-date, minimizing security risks, and maintaining compliance

Cloud Enablement

Accelerating IT service delivery for our clients through the adoption of agile methodologies that are all part of a systems-oriented approach.

Microsoft Expertise

Helping set goals and establishing benchmarks for the journey toward the successful deployment of Microsoft solutions.

Enterprise Managed Services

Design, implementation, licensing optimization, and environmental services, ensuring use of Microsoft's best practices and configurations.

Our Markets and Market Support Vehicles


Professional services and nationally-recognized expertise that align perfectly with the trends and challenges facing a variety of industries.


Recognizing the unique challenges faced by healthcare IT organizations, and offering understanding, capabilities, and trusted relationships.

Public Sector

Helping organizations contain costs maintain high availability while finding new ways to increase security, compliance and more.

Group Purchasing

Industry-leading IT consulting services and technology solutionsaccessed through a streamlined contracting process.

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