By Dane Young, Strategic Business Advisor at Entisys360

Last year, I showed how an inexpensive $77 endpoint could be used for Citrix and VMware virtualized environments, to drive a single 4K display. You can find that video here and full blog post here. Over the last couple years there has been a lot of buzz and excitement around the Raspberry Pi, and its application and use within a Citrix environment as a high-performance endpoint, for its low price point. As I had talked with customers, many had become disinterested, due to its inherent limitation as a single monitor (only) solution. A multi-monitor Raspberry Pi option had been made available using the DisplayLink video adapter, but had poor performance, generally outputting between 12-18 frames per second.

Many of my clients had various single-monitor use cases, and for those scenarios, the Raspberry Pi was a perfect fit, with its ability to drive a 1920 x 1200 resolution monitor at 60 frames per second. The performance in these scenarios has been well received, due to the optimizations that Citrix enabled, and the Raspberry Pi’s built-in H.264 decode engine. Equally of interest, in light of the recent Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, the Raspberry Pi based endpoint devices are not affected. I am excited to announce that the biggest limitation of the Raspberry Pi to this point, lack of good performance multi-monitor support, has now been overcome with the first Commercially available Multi-Monitor Raspberry Pi from NComputing! This solution can now deliver high-performance to the secondary monitor at 60 frames per second, leveraging

the power and H.264 decode engine of the Pi Zero.

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