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NASSAU, BAHAMAS, Sept. 5, 2018Unify Earth Systems, Ltd., a Bahamian-based technology services company, announces a foundational upgrade to the nascent technology called Blockchain. The Company engages a world class technical team who spent the past year studying and analyzing how to improve the core architecture of its software. Unify Earth Systems, Ltd. Is excited to announce “Blockchain 3.0” upgrade through a series of events at the United Nations.  These events will occur in September and are designed to introduce the Company, its platform, and partners to the world.

A few years ago, a small group of visionary business persons, recognized major challenges at the core of the blockchain technology. This led them to assemble an exceptionally talented, multidisciplinary team to address the shortcomings with Bo Rinaldi, CEO at the helm. As Rinaldi explains, “We really saw Blockchain as an unfinished technology that had problems with security and scalability as well as issues with contracts and user adoption. We saw a vacuum of leadership in the blockchain space that we intend fill.”

John Brownlee, a renowned patent attorney stated in a third-party review, that “The Unify Earth code base itself shows discipline, from design to execution, with an especially clean style.” He went on to say that the code was audited for intrusion vectors during unit testing of each component. Mr. Brownlee has performed reviews of many cryptographic and blockchain products and found very few of them have a disciplined approach in the actual production code. Mr. Brownlee went on to say in his review that “The Unify Core was clean code and its system itself is a complete end-to-end solution, designed and hardened unlike anything [he has] seen in the blockchain space.”

Unify Earth Chief Technology Officer Scott Searle and his development team have delivered a world class foundational technology and are now able to focus on the automation, tools and templates needed for an Intelligent Contract® system. Initial technical integrators include Micron® for silicon products used for mobile technologies and Entisys360 for our blockchain integration services and Unify Earth global network rollout.

“We believe that our technology, timing and team are perfect for our company’s vision to attain global success as the new standard. We are a values-forward organization that believes that we can unify the governments, companies, organizations and people of the world to solve the most critical challenges before us in a way that the market will not only appreciate but celebrate,” said Rinaldi. “We are here to Unify Earth.”

On September 6th, Unify Earth will participate in the United Nations Media For Impact conference, hosted by Pvblic at the Headquarters of the United Nations. On September 11th, 13th and 14th, Unify Earth will sponsor the GLOCHA Global Climate Action Summit and Philanthropy Breakfast in San Francisco. The company will return to the United Nations to participate in the SDG Finance Summit on September 21st, co-hosted by our partner HealRWorld with the Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal.

Kicking off the United Nations SDG Media Zone Week on Monday September 24th, Unify Earth will host a Townhall breakfast with member nations, organizations and stakeholders interested in using our Blockchain 3.0 to fulfill the goals and global mission of the United Nations’ organizations.

For media queries, please contact Unify Earth’s Communications Director, Col. Arnold V. Strong (USA, Ret.) at arnold@unifyholding.com or at mobile and WhatsApp at 503.428.0579 or visit us at Unify Earth.

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For the original news story, please visit https://publishedpr.com/news/the-upgrade-is-here-unify-earth-systems-announces-blockchain-30.html.



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