Delivering Specialized Technology Solutions to National and Global Enterprises for 30+ years

It's not about what technology does. It's about who it helps.

Mike Strohl and Matt General - walking

Our Mission

In a world where technology evolves at lightning speed, e360 stands at the forefront, not just adapting, but leading the way. Our mission is to empower enterprises, forging strong client relationships as we navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Specializing in Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity, Digital Workplace, Modern Infrastructure, and Managed Services, e360 is synonymous with innovation, excellence, and care.

Our strength lies in our team's collective expertise, drawing from industry veterans and Big 4 consulting leaders, to transform today's challenges into tomorrow's successes. At e360, we don't just provide solutions; we build partnerships, anticipating and adapting to future needs with unparalleled efficiency, security, and scalability.

If e360's approach feels like a vision of the future of enterprise technology, that's precisely our intent. We are committed to not only being part of the technological evolution but leading it, hand in hand with our clients.

Our Story

How it all began

e360's journey traces back to 1988, born from the entrepreneurial spirit of Mike's father. Initially a training company focused on application-based learning, it laid the foundation for what e360 would become.

In 1994, Mike and Matt took over the company when Mike's father passed. They have expanded e360 to 250 employees and broadened its expertise in:

  • Digital Workplace
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Enterprise Managed Services

At e360, we're more than a company; we're a community. This sense of family isn't just because we started as one. It's also because of our long-standing team members, some with over two decades of dedication, and our commitment to our clients.

The e360 Executive Leadership Team 

Extended Leadership

Our Secret Sauce

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At e360, our secret to success is not just about domain expertise, but is also about building a culture of people who care deeply about the people they work with and the companies they serve. Our dedication is not just to our craft, but to collaborating with those who are equally passionate and unwavering in their commitment to protect and uphold these values.

Mike Strohl
CEO, e360
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I think that our team is passionate because they love seeing what they implement make a difference for the customer. They love being on the cutting edge of technology, trying the next version of the software, and the next upgrade of the hardware...They like to see our customers and end users smile.
Matthew General
COO, e360
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Customers choose e360 because of the domain expertise. It’s a trusted relationship, e360 has history with customers that dates back 30 plus years. They’ve done a great job at cultivating deep relationships with some of the biggest brands you could think of in California. It’s really about understanding their customers’ business and challenges, and using technology to solve them. And they do it in a way that is super high integrity.

Jed Ayres
CEO, ControlUp