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With e360, we know that someone is always looking after us no matter what area of the business it is. It’s not an organization that just settles for satisfactory, it is over the top. It is making sure that whatever you’re doing is always done at the highest level.

Jim Davis CTO, UCI Health

e360’s partnership with Google is solid. As Google is changing and having a huge turn towards generative AI and security, e360 is pivoting with that turn very quickly and they are going to help us bring all of the wonderful things around generative AI, security, and the cloud to all of our customers.

James Pendergrass Head of Sales, Google

At Cisco, we’re always looking for partners that bring additive value. One of the ways that we really appreciate working with e360 is that both of our companies have a customer-centric approach, but e360 brings additional value in terms of the people, the process, and having a deep understanding of the customer’s environment.

Jim Grubb Chief Technology Evangelist, Cisco

The e360 Team brought their experience around planning, building, governing, and supporting services in AWS to ensure that QuidelOrtho develop a Cloud Business Office that is agile and focused on supporting business objectives and ensuring all aspects of our business have visibility and input into our technology governance.

Louise Brandy SVP/CIO, QuidelOrtho

The e360 Team brought their substantial experience around planning, building, governing, and supporting services in AWS to ensure that Ensign Services had a clear strategy that fit with the FinOps landscape. The e360 team focused on ensuring our business and technical requirements were reflected in our FinOps strategy.

Jason Whitehouse Vice President of of IT Operations and Infrastructure, QuidelOrtho

Customers choose e360 because of their domain expertise. It’s a trusted relationship, they’ve got history with customers that date back 30 plus years. They’ve done a great job at cultivating deep relationships with some of the biggest brands you could think of in California. It’s really about understanding their customers’ business and challenges, and using technology to solve them. And they do it in a way that is super high integrity.

Jed Ayres CEO, ControlUp

When we’re looking for people to work with long-term we’re looking for a partner. A partner is genuinely looking for a long-term relationship, and has the best interests for your organization at heart. About 10 or 11 years ago now, we were going through a modernization of our technology, and at that point in time we were really looking for a partner to help us modernize. As we started working with the folks at e360, they helped us find the right decisions, whether it was with them or not with them. I think that seeing continued examples of that over the years is what really helped us to form that true partnership.

Ryan Rushton CTO, Ensign Services