Managed Digital Workplace Services

Empower Your Business: Seamless Desktops, Operational Agility, Unleashed Innovation.


Elevate your Digital Workplace Environments with e360 Digital Workplace Services.

Our ITIL v4 aligned approach ensures your Citrix DaaS and VDI environments are not only operational but also fine-tuned for exceptional performance.

Benefit from seamless virtual desktop experiences, improved operational agility, and the freedom to concentrate on what you do best—innovating and expanding your core business.


Problems Solved

Enhanced Employee Experience

Ensure a seamless and empowered employee experience across digital platforms.

Improved Security Compliance

Maintain high security and compliance standards across digital workplace platforms.

Focus on Core Business

Allow businesses to concentrate on their primary goals without the complexities of lifecycle management.

Enhanced Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Provide expert handling of Citrix DaaS or VDI environments, ensuring reliable and secure virtual desktops.

Optimized Office 365 Operations

Ensure effective management of Microsoft O365 tenant, maximizing productivity and collaboration tools.

Streamlined Endpoint Management

Enhance efficiency by professionally managing the lifecycle of endpoints through platforms like Microsoft Intune.

Managed Digital Workplace Features

Benefit from clear, actionable insights with your Named Client Delivery Manager, who offers comprehensive reporting that fosters operational transparency and supports a superior employee digital experience.

Stay ahead technologically with your Named Client Technical Advisor, who provides forward-looking guidance to ensure your digital workplace services, including Citrix DaaS or VDI environments and O365 operations, are continually refined for peak performance and efficiency.

Facilitate a seamless employee experience with our always-on monitoring that preemptively identifies and addresses issues affecting the availability, capacity, and performance of your digital platforms, ensuring a smooth and empowered workplace.

Mitigate disruptions with our responsive Incident Management, which offers rapid remote resolution to uphold a high standard of security compliance across your digital workplace, reinforcing robust operations.

Secure and update your digital infrastructure consistently with our Patch Management, crucial for maintaining security compliance and enhancing the reliability and security of your VDI environments.

Our specialized management of VDI environments, like Citrix DaaS, guarantees a reliable and secure virtual desktop experience, enhancing productivity and security compliance.

With our management, your Microsoft O365 tenant is optimized for maximum productivity and collaboration, ensuring tools are fully leveraged for business efficiency.

Professional lifecycle management of endpoints via platforms like Microsoft Intune enhances operational efficiency, simplifying the complexities of endpoint management and improving the overall digital workplace experience.


Proactive Issue Detection

Early identification and resolution ensures uninterrupted operations and maximized uptime.

Tailored, Personalized Service

Dedicated managers and technical advisors offer customized solutions and expert guidance tailored to each client.

Enhanced Security & Recovery

Configuration backups and regular software updates safeguard against data loss and vulnerabilities.

Operational Transparency

Comprehensive service level reporting keeps clients informed, promoting trust and data-driven decisions.

Future-Proofing & Continuous Improvement

Services evolve with the tech landscape, ensuring long-term relevance and adaptability.


Dedicated IT Expertise

By handling the complexities of IT operations, we enable clients to focus on their core business value drivers.

Technologies Served

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