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Government advancement through optimized IT services 

As you strive to enhance public services, e360 is your dedicated partner in this journey. With nearly two decades of experience in supporting state governments across California, our team is uniquely equipped to understand and address your challenges. Our senior advisors, who have held pivotal roles such as CISOs and CIOs within these institutions, bring invaluable insights to the table.

We recognize the responsibility you hold in providing resilient and secure systems to millions, amidst an ever-evolving service landscape. Navigating complex procurement processes and building robust security programs to counter sophisticated threats are challenges we are adept at managing. As your capable and accessible partner, we're committed to empowering your government's initiatives with our expertise.

Government organizations face a unique set of challenges

Cyber security threats

Government entities are high-value targets for cyber attacks. This means extra precautions are required to protect sensitive data against hacking, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

There are a range of legal and regulatory standards to comply with including data protection laws, which can be challenging given the vast amount of data a government entity typically handles.

Legacy Systems & Modernization

Operating on outdated IT infrastructure and legacy systems is common. It is a challenge to modernize these systems while ensuring minimal disruption to public services and compatibility with new technologies.

Data Management & Integration

Efficient management and integration of large volumes of data from various departments and agencies is difficult. Yet, they are crucial for smooth operations, informed decision-making, and public service delivery.

Interoperability & Collaboration

Different government departments and agencies often use varied IT systems. Creating interoperable systems that can effectively communicate and collaborate is essential for efficient government operations. 

Scalability & Flexibility

Government IT systems must be scalable to handle varying workloads and adaptable to changing policies, regulations, and constantly changing needs.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Ensuring continuity of services and quick recovery of IT systems in the event of natural disasters, technical failures, or cyber incidents is vital for government operations.

Budget Constraints

Governments often face budget limitations, making it difficult to invest in the latest IT solutions or undertake large-scale digital transformation projects.

We understand how to engage with the public sector

e360 has negotiated more than two dozen contracts to assist our public sector clients in their acquisition of enterprise information technology and related services. 


Some of the agencies we have supported cyber initiatives for:

  • California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS)
  • California Lottery California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS)
  • California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • California Department of Justice (DOJ)
  • California Employment Development Department (EDD)
  • California Department of Real Estate (DRE)
  • California Department of Real Estate Appraisers (OREA)
  • California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (CUIAB)
  • Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District Oregon Public Utilities Commission California Department of Technology (OTech)
  • City of Henderson Nevada California Franchise Tax Board (FTB)
  • California Board of Equalization (BoE)
  • California Department of Water Resources (DWR)
  • California Department of Water Resources (DWR)
  • California Natural Resources Agency California Prison Industry Authority (PIA)
  • California Office of Systems Integration (OSI)
  • California Fiscal Los Angeles County California State Compensation Insurance Fund California Department of Education

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With ever-emerging threats, continuous introduction of new regulations, and a sea of cybersecurity products, managing a cyber program can be daunting. e360 can help you create a strategy for managing risk and compliance, while helping to filter the noise of myriad cybersecurity technologies.

With our vendor-agnostic approach, meeting your security needs in the most effective way possible is our top priority.  We understand that government entities have unique requirements for their cyber security programs. Whether due to compliance, regulations, or strategic initiatives, your cyber solutions must address security without impeding your mission. With our leadership team's specialized experience, we can provide you with recommendations and solutions that meet your specific challenges.

Public Sector Compliance

We are intimately familiar with leading industry guidelines, practices, and standards, including, but not limited to CA SAM, NIST 800-53/800-171, NIST CSF, ISO 27002, CIS CSC, and PCI DSS.


Lifecycle Management Services

We are committed to helping you maintain the maximum value of your technology investments, and to freeing up your team members to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Through our Enterprise Managed Services (EMS), we help you align your organization's initiatives with evolving industry trends and obtain a clear understanding of the impact that future technologies will have on IT business value.

We provide organizations with expert resources to manage the operational and lifecycle activities associated with IT infrastructure.  

Modern Infrastructure

At e360 we focus on keeping your IT infrastructure operational, available, and secure so you can focus on the everyday demands of your organization, managing costs, and boosting efficiency. Our goal is to empower your enterprise to achieve its full potential by identifying and eliminating idle tech capacity, and finding hard-cost indicators and soft-cost processes that can be replaced or enhanced.


Cyber Staffing

We understand the staffing challenges the public sector faces in an environment with a large number of unfilled cyber security jobs. 

We can provide you with right-sized staffing assistance to meet your short term or long-term staffing needs with the skill sets you require. Our advisors have built a database of cybersecurity professionals going back over 23 years to the infancy of the cybersecurity industry.

Disaster Recovery

Interruptions caused by hardware and software failures, personal illness, natural disasters—even planned maintenance—can overwhelm your IT department and cause serious damage through the loss of critical information.

By compartmentalizing workloads, you can prevent one application from affecting the performance of another or causing a system to crash. It also allows you to maintain an instant failover plan that provides business continuity throughout disruptive events—reducing downtime from days to hours or even minutes.

Adding virtualization to your organization's IT strategy  can dramatically increase flexibility, reduce complexity and lower your long-term costs.


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