Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Services

Empower your business with optimized cloud and infrastructure operations, designed for the next generation of IT excellence.


Harness the full power of your IT infrastructure with e360's Managed Cloud and Infrastructure Services.

Our ITIL v4 aligned operation and optimization encompass your entire client environment, including cloud, compute, storage, and networking.

With e360’s Modern Infrastructure Managed Service, shift your focus to business growth while we ensure your IT foundation is robust, secure, and efficiently managed for maximum availability and value. Trust in our expertise for seamless operations, security, and support, and invest your energy where it matters most—your business's future.

Problems Solved

Cost Efficiency

Reduce expenses by optimizing cloud resource usage and leveraging expert knowledge to avoid unnecessary costs.


Access to Specialized Expertise

Provides specialized knowledge in cloud technologies for optimal performance and innovation.


Focus on Core Business

Allows businesses to concentrate on their primary goals without the complexities of cloud management.


Strategic Technological Innovation

Stay ahead with the latest cloud technologies and trends for competitive advantage.


Enhanced Security and Compliance

Ensure top-tier security measures are in place and that cloud infrastructure complies with relevant regulations.


Scalability and Flexibility

Easily adapt to changing business needs, scale resources up or down as required.

Technologies Served

Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Services Features

Gain clarity and actionable insights with detailed reports from your dedicated Client Delivery Manager, fostering transparency and enabling informed decision-making.

Ensure continuous operational excellence with our round-the-clock monitoring, focusing on availability, capacity, and performance. Our proactive issue detection optimizes resource usage and keeps your services scalable and cost-efficient.

Receive immediate, expert remote support whenever issues arise, day or night. Our dedicated incident management enhances your security posture, ensures compliance, and upholds your cloud infrastructure's integrity.

Our meticulous patch management strategy ensures your systems are up-to-date, secure, and compliant with the latest standards, reinforcing your infrastructure's defense against emerging threats.

Protect your operations with our thorough vulnerability scanning, identifying potential risks before they become issues. This strategic foresight fortifies your security measures and supports continuous technological innovation.

With our configuration backup services, recover from unforeseen events swiftly and securely, ensuring business continuity and enhanced data recovery capabilities.

IT Asset Management involves the tracking and management of physical and virtual assets throughout their lifecycle. This practice aims to optimize the use of assets, manage risks, and ensure compliance with legal and business requirements.

Capacity and Performance Management focuses on ensuring that IT services and infrastructure meet the performance requirements defined in service level agreements (SLAs) and other contracts. This practice aims to optimize the capacity and performance of IT services by monitoring, analyzing, and tuning systems.



Proactive Issue Detection

Early identification and resolution ensures uninterrupted operations and maximized uptime.


Tailored, Personalized Service

Dedicated managers and technical advisors offer customized solutions and expert guidance tailored to each client.


Enhanced Security & Recovery

Configuration backups and regular software updates safeguard against data loss and vulnerabilities.


Operational Transparency

Comprehensive service level reporting keeps clients informed, promoting trust and data-driven decisions.


Future-Proofing & Continuous Improvement

Services evolve with the tech landscape, ensuring long-term relevance and adaptability.


Dedicated IT Expertise

By handling the complexities of IT operations, we enable clients to focus on their core business value drivers.

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