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Gain a competitive edge over your competition, accelerate savings, and protect your data with bespoke AI / ML solutions.

Experience the "Art of the Possible" with GenAI for your enterprise.

Our best-of-breed Google, AWS, and Azure development teams work with your internal teams to implement the "art of the possible" at a rapid pace.

Unlock Efficiency and Creativity with AI

At e360, we understand that AI is more than just technology—it's a transformational tool that enhances your customer experience by augmenting your team's capabilities. Imagine doing more with less—less effort and less investment. Our AI solutions empower you to perform your tasks more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that you can focus on what truly matters: innovation and growth.

Innovative Problem-Solving

Dive into the future of problem-solving with our cutting-edge AI tooling, software engineering, and automation. Our approach doesn't just apply technology; it redefines it, creating new ways to tackle old and new challenges alike. Whether it's improving existing processes or exploring uncharted territories of innovation, our AI tools are designed to keep you ahead in a competitive landscape.


Experts to Guide Your Journey

Our collective Services team possesses the advanced skills and knowledge essential for guiding you through these transformative processes. From the first ideation session to architecting bespoke solutions, our experts are here for you. Contact our sales team today to start a conversation that could redefine the way you do business. Our dedicated architects are ready to tailor solutions that ensure your engagement is successful and future-proof.

GenAI / ML Use Cases

AI Governance

Ensure responsible use and effective governance of AI technologies. Assess your AI governance maturity today to address critical challenges and enhance operational excellence.


Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Streamline customer self-service processes and reduce operational costs by automating responses for customer service queries through generative AI-powered chatbots, voice bots, and virtual assistants.


Employee Assistant

Improve employee productivity by quickly and easily finding accurate information, get accurate answers, summarize and create and summarizing content through a conversational interface.

Documents and Image Analysis

Improve business operations by automatically extracting and summarizing data from documents and insights through generative AI-powered question and answering.

Conversational Analytics

Analyze unstructured customer feedback from surveys, website comments, and call transcripts to identify key topics, detect sentiment, and surface emerging trends.

Automatic Content Tagging

Use generative AI to auto-tag and index massive media libraries for easier search and recommendation.


Personalized Medicine

Based on a patient's genetics, lifestyle and symptoms, generative AI can create personalized treatment plans.

Interpret Medical Images and Documentation

Enhance, reconstruct, or even generate medical images like X-rays, MRIs, or CT scans, which can aid in better diagnosis.

AI-Powered Maintenance Assistants

Generative conversational agents can be trained on product manuals, troubleshooting guides, and maintenance notes to deliver swift technical support to workers, reducing downtimes.


Accurately forecast sales, financial, and demand data to streamline planning and decision-making Sub Use Cases: Sales forecasting, Demand forecasting, and Price forecasting.

AI for Operations

Automate software and IT systems monitoring, optimization, and maintenance activities by alerting, providing prescriptive guidance, or acting autonomously using ML.


Intelligent Search

Locate accurate and useful information faster. Transform unstructured data into intelligence by understanding document content and relationships with ML. Sub Use Cases: Accelerate research and development, Minimize regulatory and compliance risks, Improve customer interactions, Increase employee productivity

AI / ML Technologies

Our Services team brings advanced skills and knowledge necessary to architect solutions unique solutions across top Enterprise AI platforms.


AI Services Comparison

Service Category AWS Google Azure

Document Processing

Automate data capture at scale to reduce document processing costs.

Amazon Textract Document AI Azure Form Recognizer

Image and Video Recognition

Derive insights from images and videos, either in the cloud or at the edge. Use pre-trained models to detect emotion, understand text, categorize content, and more.

Amazon Rekognition Image/Video Vision AI, Video Intelligence API Azure Computer Vision, Azure Video Indexe

Machine Learning Platforms

Platforms and tools to train, host, and manage machine learning models at scale with preconfigured VMs, custom containers, and enterprise-grade support.

Amazon SageMaker, Amazon EC2 P3, Azure Data Science Virtual Machines, Amazon SageMaker Autopilot

Vertex AI (various features including AutoML models, custom training, Workbench), Deep Learning VM Images, TensorFlow Enterprise Azure Databricks, Azure AI Platform, Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing

Derive insights from unstructured text using advanced machine learning models.

Amazon Comprehend Natural Language AI Azure Text Analytics


Deliver highly personalized product recommendations at scale.

Amazon Personalize Recommendations AI Azure Personalizer

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Convert speech into text and text into natural-sounding speech using advanced AI technologies.

Amazon Transcribe, Amazon Polly Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech Azure Text to Speech, Azure Speech to Text


Dynamically translate between languages using machine learning.

Amazon Translate Translation AI Azure Translator

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