How e360 Enhanced AI Security for a National Professional Employer Organization




A prominent national professional employer organization (PEO) faced the complex challenge of securing its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives.

Amidst the rapid advancement of these technologies, the organization sought to safeguard its AI-ML assets, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and promote responsible AI-ML practices.

The overarching goal was to enhance the security posture of its AI and ML deployments while minimizing the risk of data breaches and aligning AI-ML initiatives with corporate objectives.


e360 was enlisted to conduct a comprehensive security best practice review of the client's AI Security Governance Framework.

Our approach leveraged the NIST AI Risk Management Framework 1.0, alongside industry best practices, to guide the client through the intricacies of the AI security landscape.

The strategy was multifaceted, focusing on policy development, secure coding practices, testing and evaluation, validation and peer review, integration and deployment, governance, processes and procedures, risk management strategies, resource management, access management, and performance metrics.


The collaboration with e360 led to significant advancements in the organization's AI-ML security posture:

  • Culture: Achieved enterprise-wide adoption and adherence to AI-ML policies and requirements.
  • Leadership: Secured alignment among the leadership team, spanning strategic to tactical teams.
  • Procedures: Successfully identified and implemented critical documentation for AI-ML security.
  • Security: Enhanced critical security processes and technologies, markedly improving the organization's defense against potential breaches and threats.

Key Takeaways

  • The integration of NIST AI Risk Management Framework 1.0 and industry best practices is effective in navigating the AI-ML security landscape.
  • A holistic approach addressing policy development, risk management, and secure practices is crucial for safeguarding AI-ML initiatives.
  • Strategic alignment of AI-ML technologies with corporate objectives is vital for mitigating risks and promoting responsible usage.
  • The enhancement of an organization's security culture and procedures plays a significant role in the overall success of AI-ML security initiatives.