How QuidelOrtho developed an agile Cloud Business Office

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"The e360 Team brought their substantial experience around planning, building, governing, and supporting services in AWS to ensure that QuidelOrtho develop a Cloud Business Office that is agile and focused on supporting business objectives and ensuring all aspects of our business have visibility and input into our technology governance."

Louise Brandy
Chief Information Officer


About QuidelOrtho

QuidelOrtho develops and manufactures diagnostic testing technologies. They provide access to answers across the entire diagnostics continuum.

The Problem

QuidelOrtho has embarked on a cloud journey that enables rapid development and deployment of new products and services leveraging consumption of services from AWS. As part of their cloud strategy, new products leverage Internet of Things services to consolidate and correlate data from their testing devices. As their cloud landscape has grown, QuidelOrtho has identified the need to enable better visibility into their governance for all levels of the organization and foster a more agile decision-making process around selection and consumption of AWS services.

The Solution

QuidelOrtho engaged e360 to assist in building the Cloud Business Office (CBO) for governing their cloud strategy and in planning the migration of applications and implementation of new services to private/public cloud environments. e360 conducted workshops with all key stakeholders and assisted QuidelOrtho’s diverse teams with building a charter to define their governance strategy and foundational policies to support their cloud journey.

The Outcome

The QuidelOrtho CBO was established and enabled broad involvement and communication for the development, business units, and technology teams. The engagement with e360 helped QuidelOrtho define strategies for governance that aligned with their innovative culture and positioned the organization to support the rapidly changing landscape for medical testing.

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