Citrix Netscaler Health Check

Ensure Your Citrix Netscaler's Optimal Performance with e360's Comprehensive Health Check.

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SECTION 1 Why perform a health check on Citrix Netscaler infrastructure?

Citrix Netscaler is an much like an airplane that requires upkeep and without proper maintenance the Citrix Netscaler (also formerly known as Citrix NetScaler) environment will have issues that need to be addressed. Failure to address these issues can lead to negative impacts on your business. If you are asking yourself any of the following questions, e360 can perform a Citrix Netscaler Health Check:

  • Has my organization maximized the use of our Citrix Netscaler investment?
  • Why are users complaining of slow web pages?
  • Why are users experiencing service outages of load balanced services?
  • Is my environment vulnerable to current security exploits? . What can I do to improve the security of my web sites? . Have you added more services or web applications, without understanding the impact? . How can we improve the Work-From-Home/remote user experience using Citrix Netscaler?

A Citrix Netscaler Health Check performed by e360 will review those questions and more by identifying early (or existing) warning signs of performance issues, security vulnerabilities and discussing new best practices to help optimize user and administrator experiences. The result is a comprehensive report, created by e360 Netscaler experts, detailing issues and recommendations identified for improvement of your Citrix Netscaler.*

* The remediation of the issue and tasks outlined in the recommendation can be performed by the client or by e360 Services with a separate Scope of Work.

SECTION 2 What does e360 do during a Citrix Netscaler Health Check?

During an e360 Citrix Netscaler Health Check, our Netscaler experts will review the critical aspects of your Citrix Netscaler deployment to ensure it is fully optimized and secured. Data will be gathered using hard (configuration/metrics) and soft (interviews) measuring methods to ensure a full 360-degree review of your deployment.

The resulting report (and optional Executive Management Report) will identify issues and outline recommendations.

In addition, if there are any currently known issues in the environment, they should be discussed during the scoping of the engagement to ensure the data is properly captured and can be focused on during the health check.

The list below covers the components of the Citrix Netscaler deployment that will be reviewed

  • Citrix Netscaler (SDX, MPX and/or VPX) – System health and configuration – Network connectivity, performance
  • Citrix NetScaler/Netscaler/Citrix Gateway and Gateway Service – Version, SSL certificate security, Authentication/Authorization 
  • Load Balancing and Content Switching – Service health, configuration 
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) – Site health, domains 
  • Security – AAA, Reputation, Web Application Firewall (WAF) 
  • Netscaler Management – Citrix ADM or ADM Service (if existing) – Instance Backups, Monitoring, Administration 
  • Resulting deliverables include: – Word document to Executive summary of most critical issues/recommendations – Technical recommendations with Risk/Benefit ratings and estimated time – (optional at additional cost) Executive Management - PowerPoint summary

Week 1

Citrix Netscaler Health Check

  • Up to two (2) HA Pairs of MPX or VPX appliances 
  • 1 week ($12,500)

Week 2

Citrix Netscaler Health Check

  • Up to two (2) SDX appliances (does not include all VPX instances)
  • Up to four (4) HA Pairs of MPX or VPX appliances
  • 2 weeks ($25,000)

SECTION 3 Citrix Netscaler Health Check FAQs

Citrix Netscaler is a critical component of many organizations' infrastructure, providing load balancing, content switching, security, and more. Without proper maintenance, Citrix Netscaler environments can develop issues that can lead to performance problems, security vulnerabilities, and outages. A Citrix Netscaler Health Check can help you identify and resolve these issues before they cause problems.

During a Citrix Netscaler Health Check, e360's Netscaler experts will review all aspects of your deployment, including the following:

  • System health and configuration
  • Load balancing and content switching
  • Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)
  • Security
  • Netscaler Management

We will also conduct interviews with your staff to gather additional information about your environment and its usage.

The deliverables of a Citrix Netscaler Health Check include:

  • A Word document summarizing the findings and recommendations
  • Technical recommendations with risk/benefit ratings and estimated time to complete
  • An optional Executive Management PowerPoint summary

The cost of a Citrix Netscaler Health Check will vary depending on the size and complexity of your environment. Please contact e360 for a quote.

The duration of a Citrix Netscaler Health Check will vary depending on the size and complexity of your environment. However, most health checks can be completed within one to two weeks.

There are many benefits to performing a Citrix Netscaler Health Check, including:

  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Reduced risk of outages and security breaches
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Optimized costs

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