Brian Breshanan

Brian Breshanan

Senior Consultant

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Brian's Bio

Experienced Senior Consultant with over 20 years' experience in Digital Workplace solutions. Brian has worked in several medium and large enterprises before joining e360 in 2020. Brian is deeply passionate about Digital Workplace technologies and advocates for the development of fast-to-market, repeatable, and scalable designs that prioritize end-user consumption, provide support throughout the product lifecycle, and effectively address business needs.

Fun Fact About Brian:

In his spare time, he enjoys bike riding.

Certifications and Degrees


  • BS Mechanical Engineering


  • Citrix Certified Expert - App Delivery and Security
  • Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Virtual Desktop Specialty
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer
  • Nerdio NME Certified Engineer
  • F5 Certified Administrator, BIG-IP
  • IGEL Certified Architect

Technology Skills

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops - UPM
  • FSLogix
  • MCS
  • PVS
  • Storefront
  • RemotePC
  • Citrix DaaS - workloads in Azure
  • Amazon
  • Google GCP and on-premises
  • NetScaler - Load Balancing
  • GSLB
  • Gateway
  • Authentication
  • F5 Big-IP
  • Azure AVD
  • Nerdio
  • IGEL

Technology Engagements

Medium Health Care company

Pioneered an innovative deployment of Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), marking a significant milestone in cloud-based solutions. Leveraging Google Identity within a non-domain joined environment, the design showcased unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Notably, the DaaS implementation introduced the Renzezvous v2 feature, effectively eliminating all Citrix infrastructure VMs from the ecosystem. Collaborating closely with the client’s automation team, we engineered a fully automated image management solution tailored for a rigorously secured environment, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced security posture.

Large Insurance company

Executed a sophisticated NetScaler migration encompassing 60 VPX appliances deployed on SDX hardware, spanning over 1000 internal and external VIPs, numerous gateways, and multiple GSLB sites featuring diverse configurations. Through meticulous planning and execution, the client achieved significant resource optimization by reducing hardware footprint, consolidating VM instances, and eliminating redundant configurations. Additionally, comprehensive Operation Runbooks were crafted to enhance efficiency and streamline lifecycle management, ensuring sustained operational excellence for the environment moving forward.

Medium Engineering firmy

Successfully implemented Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Gateway Services within an on-premises Nutanix environment, tailored to meet the demanding requirements of remote engineers relying on AutoCAD. Through meticulous configuration and tuning, Nvidia virtualized GPUs were seamlessly integrated to deliver unparalleled performance, even in bandwidth-constrained scenarios. This initiative ensured the highest level of performance for AutoCAD users while optimizing resource utilization and enhancing overall productivity.

Large Entertainment company

Engineered a Proof of Concept (POC) aimed at investigating the migration of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Remote Desktop Services (RDS) workloads to the cloud, with a specific emphasis on Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Nerdio solutions. Addressing the client's concerns regarding image management and the proliferation of image sprawl, the POC showcased the capabilities of Nerdio's automation tools in optimizing cloud environments for cost efficiency. By leveraging Nerdio's automation features, we demonstrated strategies to streamline image management processes and maximize the cost-effectiveness of the cloud deployment, offering the client valuable insights into the potential benefits of transitioning their workloads to the cloud.

Large Retail company

Completely overhauled the Citrix VPN and Gateway infrastructure, harnessing SAML authentication through Okta to facilitate seamless multi-factor authentication. Expertly tailored multiple AAA roles to accommodate a wide range of access requirements, ensuring precision in user authorization. Furthermore, integrated updated EPA scans to bolster security protocols, enhancing the overall robustness of the system.

Large Data Center company

Successfully transitioned from a legacy VDI solution to Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) with all VDI workloads hosted in Microsoft Azure, marking a strategic leap towards modernization. design encompassed both persistent and multi-user non-persistent Windows 10 desktops, tailored to meet the diverse needs of users within a highly secured environment. This migration not only ensured enhanced flexibility and scalability but also fortified security measures to safeguard critical assets and data.

Medium Benefits Processing company

Implemented SAML authentication utilizing Okta for MFA in conjunction with Citrix FAS, ensuring a seamless and secure access experience. Facilitated comprehensive testing across various device types, including IGEL endpoints, in both internal and external environments to guarantee compatibility and reliability across diverse use cases.

Additionally, orchestrated the migration of NetScaler gateways to a new datacenter, optimizing infrastructure for improved performance and reliability.

Supported integration efforts for multiple acquisitions by deploying a combination of RemotePC and VDI solutions across disparate domains. Leveraged Citrix Cloud to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration, bridging the gap between different environments and ensuring a unified user experience throughout the transition process.