Gabriel Pedraza

Solutions Architect

Table of Contents

Gabriel's Bio

Gabriel has been involved with providing solutions and technical expertise in the computer industry since 1993. He started in helpdesk support which led to systems management and ultimately into the world of Microsoft, Citrix, and VMWare. He holds multiple certifications with Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft and Nutanix.

Personal Summary

Gabriel recently went back to school and completed his MBA. In addition, Gabriel has served as technical lead for numerous application and desktop virtualization solutions across several different verticals including financial, legal, manufacturing and healthcare. The virtualization environments that he has supported range from several hundred to thousands.

Degrees and Certifications


  • MBA - Finance
  • Bachelors of Science - Telecommunications


  • Citrix Certified Expert – Virtualization
  • Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization
  • Citrix Certified Associate - Virtualization
  • Citrix Certified Expert - Networking
  • Citrix Certified Professional - Networking
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service on Citrix Cloud
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Service Integration with Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix Certified Expert App Delivery and Service
  • VMware Certified Professional 7 – Desktop and Mobility
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • IGEL Certified Professional for COSMOS
  • IGEL Certified Architect
  • IGEL Certified Engineer
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate

Technology Skills

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
  • Citrix DaaS
  • Citrix Application Layering
  • VMWare vCenter and ESX
  • IGEL
  • Nutanix
  • Microsoft Active Directory and related services
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Liquidware Labs FlexApp
  • Cylance Protect
  • CrowdStrike

Technical Engagements

Enterprise (10000+) Manufacturing

Assessed the business requirements and IT Infrastructure to architect and implement a large-scale Application Delivery system (with Citrix and VMware) for end users (Support Desk and Data Entry). Delivered higher security and more flexible administrative capabilities than the original client design. We created 3 new environments (QA/Test/Dev) that did not exist before. This implementation encompassed a thorough review of their existing applications, support practices, business units, hardware and software aspects and required user needs.

Small (500) Healthcare Facility Management

Designed & implemented a secure solution for end users to access the corporate applications using a Virtual Desktop and Server Solution (Citrix and VMware). The solution lowered the cost of deployment by eliminating the number of High-End Engineering PCs in the field and allowing secured access to the PACs application with acceptable performance. This project increased productivity per engineer and allowed the company to leverage a supported software version. Access to the environment was provided leveraging Citrix NetScaler which was upgraded as part of this deployment.

Medium (500-1000) Financial

Implemented a secure solution for users throughout the nation to access the corporate applications using Citrix and VMware solutions. The solution increased the security of the environment by enabling pre-login checks to make sure the users’ devices could reach the Citrix login screen leveraging NetScaler pre-authentication. An automated method was developed to provide end users with the required software which decreased the number of calls to the support desk. As part of this engagement, we helped the client design and implement new firmware versions for their older Citrix NetScaler’s.

Large (1000-10000) Entertainment

Implemented a plan to provide a new London division of the company with a full environment using Citrix, IBM, VMware and Microsoft solutions. As part of this implementation, an upgrade to the US production environment was also implemented. This implementation allowed the client to decrease the number of physical servers required supporting the workload and bring the environment to a supported software level. Citrix Application Layering was also deployed to package their core and siloed applications to allow the Citrix team to implement updates without having to touch each server saving them time and keeping the environment consistent.

Medium (500-1000) Service provider

Implemented a solution to provide access for their clients to the internal application for budget and financing of studio productions. Functioning as an Application Service Provider, our client was able to provide additional services (initially free and eventually as a pay service) to increase their number of clients and their revenue. The environment encompassed a mix of Virtual Desktops and published applications all delivered through a new implementation of Citrix NetScaler.

Enterprise (10000+) Financial

Designed and implemented a new DR solution to allow users to access their critical application workloads leveraging Citrix Application Layering. The initial deployment and application size will initially be for a small user group but is expected to grow significantly in the months ahead. Our deployment encompassed approximately 65 applications with a mix of developers, banking tellers, management users and financial agents. The list of applications is expected to grow well into the triple digits.