Paul dos Reis

Paul dos Reis

Client Delivery Manager

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Paul's Bio

Paul dos Reis is a results-focused and seasoned professional with over 25 years of management expertise, specializing in IT Outsourcing and Managed Services for 22 years. Known for his practical leadership skills and ability to thrive in challenging environments, Paul is recognized for his self-motivation, loyalty, and dedication to the company's Mission and Vision.

His skill set includes tailoring People, Process, and Technology methodologies to meet client needs. Throughout his career, Paul has consistently achieved success in fulfilling company objectives through the creation of streamlined processes, operating models, and effective SIAM/ITIL alignment.

Personal Summary

As a Client Delivery Manager in e360's Managed Services division, my mission is to drive excellence and instill a customer-centric culture across all operations. I'm committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and accountability to ensure the smooth delivery of top-notch services.

By building strong relationships with internal teams and external stakeholders, I seek to understand unique needs and consistently exceed expectations. Through continuous improvement and a focus on efficiency, I aim to optimize processes, elevate service levels, and contribute to our organization's overall success. PS I ask a lot of questions!!

Degrees and Certifications



  • Damelin Business School - Diploma - Call Center Management


Technology Skills

  • ITIL
  • SIAM (Service Integration and Management)
  • ITSM
  • Call Center / Service Desk / Global Service Center
  • Delivery Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Transition Practice Management
  • Transition Methodology Deployment
  • Service Delivery
  • Customer Support

Technical Engagements

Enterprise - manufacturer of household cleaning supplies and other consumer chemicals

Successfully managed the seamless transition of IT Cross Functional Services, encompassing the implementation of ITIL processes and ensuring operational readiness for several prominent new and existing clients. This initiative involved meticulous planning and execution to integrate this client into our service framework, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process. The result was enhanced service delivery and client satisfaction across diverse industry domains.

Enterprise - Energy and Petrochemical company

Consolidated three on-prem helpdesks into a single global service center, standardizing processes, staff, and technology. Grew and led a team of 250+ employees in a global service center, overseeing monitoring, first contact resolution, and request fulfillment. Developed and implemented the center's overall support strategy, incorporating ITIL processes. Oversaw day-to-day operations with a focus on customer experience and process improvement, including vendor management. Collaborated with other departments, utilized data analysis for decision-making, managed budgets, ensured compliance, and provided regular reporting to senior management.

Enterprise - Property Management Company

Led the transition of a high-profile property management company from Skype to Webex, followed by the successful deployment and management of 250 conference rooms on a global scale. This encompassed meticulous planning and execution to ensure a smooth platform migration, emphasizing a seamless user experience. The comprehensive management of conference rooms worldwide reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier communication solutions and optimizing collaboration capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency on a global scale.