Scott Jones

Senior Cloud Engineer

Table of Contents

Scott's Bio

Scott is a skilled Senior Cloud Engineer/Architect with over a decade of experience in designing, deploying, and maintaining secure, scalable, and reliable cloud infrastructure. He has successfully assisted numerous customers in migrating and optimizing their cloud infrastructure using automation and cloud-native technologies.

Scott has a proven track record of delivering cloud solutions that meet business and technical requirements across various domains. Over the years, he has honed his skills in monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tuning of cloud systems and applications. Scott is dedicated to delivering top-notch services while guiding and educating enterprises about the advantages of cloud technology.

Personal Summary

I am a passionate technologist who enjoys finding innovative solutions to complex problems. I have a strong interest in automation because I believe it can enhance the efficiency, quality, and scalability of any process.

I have experience in developing and deploying various automation tools, both in an enterprise environment and in my personal life. I am always eager to learn new skills and technologies and apply them to real-world scenarios. I love connecting with and collaborating with other like-minded professionals and contributing to the advancement of technology.

Degrees and Certifications

CSU Global


  • Colorado State University Global - BS - Computer/Information Technology Administration and Management


Technology Skills

  • Azure - Cloud Adaption Framework
  • Azure - Networking
  • Azure - Infrastructure
  • Azure - DevOps, Pipelines
  • Azure - SQL/CosmosDB/Postgres
  • Azure - AppServices
  • Azure - AKS, Azure CDN, Traffic Manager
  • Azure - EventHub/Event Grid
  • Azure - Automation
  • Azure - EntraID, Policies, Log Analytics, Logging and Monitoring
  • Azure - Azure Site Recovery
  • Azure - Backups
  • AWS - Well-Architected Framework
  • AWS - Networking
  • AWS - Compute
  • AWS - Migration Services


  • Palo Alto - Cloud NGFW
  • Meraki - vMX
  • F5 - Big-IP
  • Akami - CDN
  • AppDynamics
  • Splunk
  • Elastic - Elk Stack
  • Hashicorp - Terraform
  • Hasicorp - Vagrant
  • Hashicorp - Packer
  • RedHat - Ansible Core
  • RedHat - Ansible Tower
  • RedHat - Satellite
  • Microsoft - Powershell / Powershell DSC
  • Microsoft - WSL
  • Microsoft - SCCM
  • Docker


Technical Engagements

Medium (500+) Real Estate Management Company

Designed and implemented a company-wide Disaster and Recovery from on-prem to two regional Azure locations for complete environment failover. It includes using Azure Cloud-native tools such as Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backups, all supported by Meraki Firewalls and SD-WAN, with automation around backup and automatic failover.

Large (1000+) Health Care Company

Designed and implemented a secure and scalable Azure Landing Zone to migrate on-premises applications to the cloud. Using Azure Backup to protect the data and Azure DevOps to automate the deployment and configuration of the resources. Applying Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles and tools like Terraform to create reusable and consistent templates for the Azure resources. Deploying Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) to provide advanced security features and network segmentation for the migrated applications.

Enabling logging and monitoring capabilities using Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Palo Alto XDR Cortex, and Cribl to track the performance and health of the Azure environment and following a phased approach to migrate the applications, starting with the least complex ones and moving to the more complex ones, providing Terraform training to all IT staff to enable them to manage and update the Azure resources in the future.

Medium (500+) eCommerce Company

Designed and implemented a robust and reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution that met enterprise requirements and expectations. A comprehensive plan covering different scenarios, such as ransomware attacks and system outages, and providing detailed instructions on restoring normal operations. Including developing multiple runbooks that outlined the roles, responsibilities, and actions of the BCDR team members.

Enterprise (10000+) Health Care Company

Implement an Enterprise Application Migration Assessed the business requirements and IT Infrastructure to design an application grouping and provide a strategy for migrating applications to the cloud. Workflows and processes involve analyzing the technical and business requirements, identifying the dependencies and risks, and proposing the optimal migration approach for each application.

Medium (500+) eCommerce Company

Conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the business cloud system to deliver a detailed report and analysis on improving security and infrastructure according to industry standards and cloud infrastructure best practices.

Large (1000+) Health Care Company

Conducted a complete Azure environment assessment outlining cloud best practices and providing the next steps for remediation. Architecting and implementing a complete cloud networking solution using Palo Alto NGFW to control all security and networking traffic. Worked with the business and development team to secure Azure Databricks environment. Designed and deployed needed infrastructure to support a POC / disaster recovery using Netapp CVO.

Large (1000+) Health Care Services Company

Assessed the business requirements and IT Infrastructure to design and implement a Disaster Recovery plan for two clouds (Azure and AWS) and separate Data Center locations. Analyzed the skills and workload capabilities of the team to determine the best path for an enterprise plan with minimal recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

Medium (500+) Health Care Services Company

Using automation to implement an Enterprise Application platform to support Azure PaaS services such as Azure Synapse, Azure Data Lake, and Microsoft Fabric. Providing guidance on cloud/PaaS best practices around networking and Security.

Enterprise (10000+) Medical Manufacturing

Worked with the Enterprise to Implement various solutions and platforms for Azure cloud and automated processes for business operations. Implement Azure DevOps for deploying cloud resources to Azure and configuration management using Ansible Tower and Satellite. Designed and deployed Elk Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, and integrations) for security and observability. Implement automation for business operations (Active Directory, SAP, SCCM) using Power, Python, Bash, and PowerBI.

Medium (500+) FinTech Company

Developed a strategy to migrate on-prem applications and databases to the cloud. Analyzing and implementing automated processes for application workflows. Building a zero-touch server deployment using configuration management tools like Terraform, SCCM, Powershell, and Ansible. In addition to ensuring that all security and governance standards are being.