Shane Pope

Shane Pope

Senior Consultant

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Shane's Bio

Multi-skilled and passionate about technology software and hardware while serving as a technical leader with demonstrated experience in IT hosting, solutions architecture, and cost reduction. Equally adept at business development and employee and customer relations. Skilled at making IT a business enabler through thought leadership and strategic innovation and automation using World Class Technologies such and IOT, cloud technologies and other just-in-time learned technologies.

Skilled in the management and leadership of worldwide technical teams. Big picture view with big picture outputs with the ability to deliver value prop and increased business outcomes via front-end customer communications. Ability to deep dive into a solution when needed. Quick Learner and technology junkie that spends spare time learning new and innovative technologies to keep abreast of solutions that could help the companies I work with be the best at what they do.

Personal Summary

Multi-skilled and passionate about technology software and hardware while serving as a technical leader with demonstrated experience in business outcomes using world class technology solutions and architecture.

Degrees and Certifications



  • DeVry - BACH - Technical Management
  • DeVry - ASSOC - Applied Electronics


  • Cisco - Certified Network Professional Security
  • Cisco - Certified Specialist - Security Identity Management
  • Cisco - Cisco Certified Specialist - Security Core


Technology Skills

  • Cisco - 802.1x, AMP, firePOWER, IPS, ISE, Threat Control, TrustSec, VPN Web Security

Technical Engagements

Enterprise Greetings and Hospitality

Modernized the Corporate Data Center from a legacy environment to leading-edge Cisco Application Infrastructure (ACI) which enabled the business to be more secure. The new environment provided a 50% increase in virtual systems speed which increased the number of orders that the distribution center could process.

Enterprise Utility Grid Management

Evaluated and provided solution options to top business executives on using Cisco ACI vs VMware NSX and led the effort and implemented VMware NSX in all three Data centers. Created a more secure and efficient solution allowing multi-tenancy for all power, gas and water grids in the United States. Designed and implemented segmentation rules and responses for cybersecurity requirements.


Assessed current solution and discovered network design flaws with a major consumer products company that created a negative effect on networked lighting putting health and safety at risk. Customer experienced down-time of 75%. Designed new solution to prevent single point of failure with full redundancy and high availability in network of 100%. Recommended new physical layout that would give users 100% uptime.


Researched problem history and identified major issue with corporate LAN outage several time per month resulting in frustrated business executives. Launched initiative to assess corporate LAN to find source of outages and found configuration drift and non-standard spanning-tree configurations.

Launched and managed project to implement solution to all sister companies wordwide and performed troubleshooting and resolution of network service issues. Created and implemented new configuration standard across entire corporate environment. This initiative resulted in productivity gains by eliminating 500 hours of down-time and productivity loss annually.