Tarpan Pathak

Tarpan Pathak

Senior DevOps Architect

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Tarpan's Bio

As a seasoned Director of DevOps Engineering, Tarpan brings over a decade of experience in optimizing software development and IT operations. His expertise lies in leading cross-functional teams to implement cutting-edge DevOps strategies, ensuring seamless software delivery and infrastructure management for enhanced business performance.

Personal Summary

In my professional journey, my mission is to harness the transformative power of technology to streamline complexity into simplicity, driving innovation and efficiency. With a decade of experience across networks, automation, and DevOps, my passion lies in crafting structured solutions from chaotic environments.

Beyond technical skills, my dedication to meticulousness and discipline shapes my approach, aiming to inspire and lead in the tech landscape with integrity and creativity.

Degrees and Certifications


Technology Skills

  • Amazon Web Services - ACM, CloudWatch, CodeDeploy, DynamoDB, EC2, ECR, ECS, EFS, EKS, ElasticCache, OpenSearch, IAM, Lambda, RDS, Route53, SES, SNS, SQS, S3, VPC
  • Automation/CI-CD - Ansible, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, Helm, Jenkins, Terraform
  • Distributed Services - Consul, Git, Nomad, Vault
  • OS - Unix/Linux, Cisco iOS, Juniper JunOS
  • Protocols - DNS, File/Block Level Protocols, HTTP, SSH, TCP/IP
  • Programming - JavaScript, Go
  • Scripting - Bash, Python
  • Virtualization - Docker, Kubernetes, OCI

Technical Engagements

Small (100 - 500) Medical Company

Customer: Covid Clinic Overview: Our team was tasked with developing a platform to streamline the management of Covid test lifecycles. Utilizing Angular for the frontend, Go for backend services, and PostgreSQL for database management, we crafted a robust solution. The platform's infrastructure is orchestrated with Terraform on AWS, ensuring scalability and reliability. Content management is facilitated through Wordpress, allowing easy updates and information dissemination. Version control and CI/CD processes are managed via GitLab, ensuring smooth deployment and maintenance workflows.

Enterprise (10000+) Financial Services Company

Customer: FATCO Overview: We designed a Image Lifecycle Management solution/system leveraging Ansible for automation, HashiCorp Packer for creating identical machine images across multiple platforms, and Azure DevOps for continuous integration and delivery. This setup streamlines the process of image creation, management, and deployment, ensuring consistency and efficiency in the development pipeline. The integration of these technologies allows for a scalable and reliable management solution that meets the dynamic needs of image lifecycle management.

Enterprise (10000+) Financial Services Company

Customer: Gilead Overview: To meet the need for an image lifecycle management solution catering to both Windows and Linux end users, we developed a comprehensive system using Ansible and Terraform for automation tasks, HashiCorp Packer for creating consistent machine images, and Go and

PowerShell for scripting flexibility. The solution integrates with Azure DevOps for streamlined CI/CD pipelines, while Citrix is utilized for delivering applications and desktops, all hosted on Azure to leverage cloud scalability and security. This approach ensures efficient management and deployment of images across diverse operating environments.

Enterprise (10000+) Data Infrastructure Company

Customer: NetApp Overview: We were tasked with transitioning the client's networking infrastructure from on-premise to Aviatrix in AWS, with plans to move to AWS native solutions subsequently. In parallel, we deployed storage automation for both their on-premise and AWS cloud devices, leveraging Ansible and Terraform for infrastructure as code, Python and PowerShell for scripting, and Azure DevOps for continuous integration and delivery. This strategic migration and automation enhance operational efficiency, scalability, and resilience across their networking and storage ecosystems, ensuring a smooth transition to cloud-native technologies.

Enterprise (10000+) Financial Services Company

Customer: Rivian Overview: Our team crafted a hybrid image lifecycle management solution for Linux and Windows servers, designed for both on-premise (including VMware environments) and cloud infrastructures. Leveraging Ansible for automation, HashiCorp Packer for image creation, and a combination of Bash, Python, and PowerShell for scripting, the solution is integrated with BitBucket and GitLab CI for CI/CD, and AWS SSM for cloud management. This approach ensures efficient, consistent management and deployment of server images, accommodating the complexities of hybrid (cloud and on-premise) environments.

Medium (3500+) Professional Employee Company

Customer: TriNet Overview: We were engaged to develop an AI/ML policy that aligns with the NIST framework and integrates seamlessly with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This involved creating guidelines that not only ensure AI/ML technologies are developed and deployed ethically and securely but also adhere to industry best practices throughout the SDLC phases. Our focus was on establishing a robust policy framework that supports innovation while addressing the unique risks associated with AI/ML, ensuring compliance with NIST standards.

Small (500 - 1000) Medical Company

Customer: Truepill Overview: Our team developed an ITSM solution to handle diverse user requests globally, leveraging Bash and Python for scripting automation and integration tasks, and Jira for tracking and managing these requests. This approach ensured a streamlined, efficient process for servicing user needs across different regions, providing a robust, scalable IT service management framework.