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How many solutions providers can say they have clients who have remained steady for 5, 10, even 20 years?

Exceptional domain expertise, unwavering client commitment, and laser focus on developing a culture reverberates care all make up the secret sauce at e360.

e360 brings end-to-end expertise, from the data center to the cloud, to its clients.

As your IT stack evolves, we ride along side, guiding and optimizing to efforts to meet your business goals.

Problems We Solve

Here are some of the challenges we solve for enterprises.


Cloud Management and Optimization

With the shift towards cloud computing, IT leaders need to manage and optimize cloud resources effectively. This involves balancing on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments, and ensuring cost-effective and efficient cloud deployments.


Aligning IT with Business Objectives

Ensure that your technology strategies and investments are directly contributing to company business goals. Forecast how technology trends will impact the business value of IT.

Infrastructure Management

With increasing complexity in IT environments, managing the infrastructure efficiently is crucial. Minimize downtime, ensure reliable network and connectivity, and effectively handle your asset lifecycle management.

Cybersecurity and Risk Management

As cyber threats continue to evolve, IT leaders must prioritize securing their organizations against data breaches, ransomware, and other cyber attacks. This includes safeguarding infrastructure, applications, and endpoints.


Technology Investment and Lifecycle Management

Managing the lifecycle of IT assets and making strategic technology investments that yield long-term benefits is a key challenge. This involves monitoring, patch management, and ensuring the longevity and relevance of technology investments.


End-User Computing and Digital Workplace Transformation

Navigate the evolving landscape of End-User Computing (EUC) and Digital Workplace Transformation, including remote and hybrid work environments, virtual desktops and application virtualization solutions, device management, and more.


AI Governance & Risk Management

Harness the power of AI to enhance business processes, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation. Whether building a AI governance program or implementing the latest in AI technologies, develop a AI roadmap for your enterprise's future.


Operational Efficiency and Focus on Core Business Functions

Offload complex and time-consuming IT operations to e360 so you can focus more on strategic business initiatives rather than getting bogged down in routine maintenance and operational tasks.

What We Do

We help mid-market and enterprise IT departments protect against the most pervasive threats, drive efficient hybrid environments, and support end users across modernizing tech stacks.


Optimizing VDI for Scale and Efficiency: Yamaha's Success with AWS and Citrix

e360's innovative solution for Yamaha Corporation of America (YCA) revolutionized their IT infrastructure, transitioning from a legacy on-premises environment to a robust, cloud-based system utilizing AWS and Citrix VDI. This strategic shift enabled Yamaha to enhance performance, reduce costs, and streamline operations.



QuidelOrtho's undergoes Cloud Transformation Journey with e360

Discover how QuidelOrtho, in partnership with e360, revolutionized its cloud strategy, leveraging AWS services for rapid product development and enhanced governance, leading to agile decision-making and a robust Cloud Business Office setup. Dive into the journey of how innovative cloud solutions propelled QuidelOrtho's medical testing advancements.


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Fortify your digital assets with our top-tier Security services, offering comprehensive protection against cyber threats to safeguard your business's critical data and operations.


Cloud Enablement

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with our Cloud Enablement services, providing customized strategies and support for seamless cloud integration, optimization, and management.


Digital Workplace

Transform your workforce's productivity and collaboration with our Digital Workplace solutions, delivering a flexible and secure virtual environment that enhances efficiency and connectivity.


Modern Infrastructure

Future-proof your IT environment with our Modern Infrastructure services, focusing on advanced technologies and innovative approaches to build resilient, scalable, and agile infrastructure systems.


Enterprise Managed Services

Optimize your business operations with our Enterprise Managed Services, offering a full spectrum of IT management solutions designed to streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost overall performance.

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From the data center to the end user to the cloud, we work with your team to build a protected and optimized systems architecture.


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When we’re looking for people to work with long-term, we’re looking for a partner. A partner is genuinely looking for a long-term relationship, and has the best interests for your organization at heart. About 10 or 11 years ago now, we were going through a modernization of our technology, and at that point in time we were really looking for a partner. As we started working with the folks at e360, they helped us find the right decisions, whether it was with them or not with them. Seeing continued examples of that over the years is what really helped us to form that true partnership.
ryan rushton headshot

Ryan Rushton
CTO, Ensign Services

Customers choose e360 because of their domain expertise. It’s a trusted relationship, they’ve got history with customers that date back 30 plus years. They’ve done a great job at cultivating deep relationships with some of the biggest brands you could think of in California. It’s really about understanding their customers’ business and challenges, and using technology to solve them. And they do it in a way that is super high integrity.
jed ayres headshot

Jed Ayres
CEO, ControlUp

The e360 Team brought their substantial experience around planning, building, governing, and supporting services in AWS to ensure that QuidelOrtho develop a Cloud Business Office that is agile and focused on supporting business objectives and ensuring all aspects of our business have visibility and input into our technology governance.
Louise Brandy headshot

Louise Brandy
SVP/CIO, QuidelOrtho

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