Unveiling e360's New Visual Identity: A Symbol of Excellence and Innovation

Blog Unveiling e360's New Visual Identity: A Symbol of Excellence and Innovation

Explore e360's new visual identity in this insightful article. Discover how the redesigned logo, color palette, and brand elements symbolize e360's commitment to innovation and excellence in IT solutions, reflecting the evolving needs of clients in a rapidly changing tech landscape.

e360: A Beacon of Technology and Innovation

For over three decades, e360 has been pivotal in solving critical IT and business challenges. Our contributions range from supporting space missions to enhancing medical treatments. With expertise in key areas like Cloud Solutions, Cybersecurity, and Modern Infrastructure, we have grown into a tech industry leader​.

Embracing Change: Why We Evolved Our Brand

In a world where technology and business environments are evolving rapidly, so too are the challenges faced by our clients. Recognizing this, e360 has embarked on a journey of transformation in our visual identity. We've stepped away from the traditional blue color scheme commonly seen in tech, opting for a more differentiated look. This new visual identity represents our evolution, mirroring the dynamic and ever-changing landscape in which our clients operate.

Our New Brand Identity: Reflecting Commitment and Expertise

Our revamped brand identity exemplifies the exceptional relationships we've built and our focus on delivering future-ready technology solutions. It symbolizes our unwavering dedication to helping enterprises transform and achieve their goals.

The Elements of Our New Visual Identity

Logo: Adaptable across various backgrounds, our logo features Imperial Red and solid white, showcasing versatility and distinctiveness​.

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Iconography: Our icons use a minimalist, monochromatic scheme, aligning with our digital-forward approach.

Color Palette and Typography: The colors and typography chosen for our brand reflect our dynamic and sophisticated nature.

Photography: We employ candid photography to add authenticity and naturalness to our brand.

Brand Shapes and Gradients: Subtle yet effective, these elements add texture and depth, enhancing our visual appeal​.


Our new visual identity is a strategic step in our evolution, embodying our expertise, commitment, and readiness to address tomorrow's business challenges today. It signifies our ongoing efforts to enhance client and partner experiences, underscoring our role as a transformative force in the tech world.

Written By: Erin Carpenter