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Entisys Solutions and Agile360 Become Entisys360

Throughout our journey together, Entisys Solutions and Agile360 have strived to become the West Coast’s premier experts in the deployment and delivery of advanced IT infrastructure, virtualization and cloud solutions.

The time has now come to take our company to the next level. To stay relevant, remain competitive, sustain our customer-focused approach and continue to build operational efficiencies, we are pleased to announce that this week, we are officially coming together as one company. Going forward, we are one team, one voice and one vision as Entisys360. Please click here for a press release with more details.

With every decision we make as an organization, we are committed to ensuring the next step in the evolution of our company is in the best interest of our employees and our partners. We chose the name Entisys360 because it combines two very strong and clearly recognized brands – Entisys Solutions and Agile360 – and it reaffirms our commitment to providing you with a complete portfolio of advanced infrastructure solutions, supported by today’s best-of-breed services.

By unifying our company under one brand, we can now provide easier access to the vast technology expertise that resides within our growing team of professionals, who come to work each and every day, operating with passion and persistence and striving to be the very best for you, and for our community.

Thank you for placing your trust in Entisys Solutions and Agile360. We are looking forward to continuing to serve you as Entisys360. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, or your Entisys360 team, should you have any questions.



Government Contracts and Sales

Q: What effect will the name change have on our existing government contracts such as CMAS, SLP, NASPO and others?

Immediate Impact: None. We are in the process of amending all existing government contracts to reflect the Entisys360 name change. However, this process is not yet completed. Therefore, until notified please continue to use Entisys Solutions, Inc. on all quotes to customers, purchase orders to distribution, payments to distribution, and invoices to customers.

Near-term Impact: We anticipate all contracts will be amended within the next several weeks. You will be notified when each category of contracts (CMAS, SLP, NASPO, etc.) has been amended. At that time, the following changes will apply to all public sector sales opportunities that leverage each category of government contract:

  • Quotes to customers are to be sent from Entisy360
  • Purchase Orders from customers are to be addressed to Entisys360
  • Purchase Orders to distribution are to be sent from Entisys360
  • Invoices to customers are to come from Entisys360
  • Payments to distribution are to come from Entisys360
  • Payments from customers are to go to Entisy360

Q: What effect will the name change have on our existing public sector service engagements?

Existing public sector client engagements should not be effected by the Entisys360 name change, since each of these was executed under Entisys Solutions or Agile360. On those occasions where a client may request additional information regarding the name change impact on them, please direct them to Joseph Sogge.



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