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Announcing e360 WorkspaceRX

Introducing e360WorkspaceRX, the latest innovation in workspace solutions. Discover how can revolutionize your work environment and enhance productivity.

End User Transformed

At times, the idea of a Digital Workspace can feel like a utopian vision. A perfect combination of technologies, processes, and their users who all exist in perfectly efficient harmony, and fully enabled productivity. While it’s true that there is plenty of hype around the Digital Workspace, it is possible to make the transition from legacy End User Computing concepts to a modern approach. Concepts like traditional endpoint management and terminal services can be replaced with modern, over the air management, and hybrid SaaS/Mobile/virtual app delivery.

In speaking with our customers we have found what makes the Digital Workspace so powerful and appealing, is also what makes its implementation so daunting and potentially complex. The following technology solutions and toolsets may all make up a Digital Workspace platform, and many are key to its successful rollout (note: this is not an all-encompassing list):

  • Virtual App and Desktop Infrastructure
  • Workspace Access Point and Gateway
  • Identity and Access Management
  • User Profile and Personalization Management
  • IT Automation for Rapid Deployment and Self Service
  • Unified Endpoint/Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Enterprise File and Sync and Sharing Services
  • Collaboration and Content Delivery platforms

So many tools, and so many integrations. Organizations may silo these into their own division or focus area to ensure proper attention. You may find vendors who sell some or all of these solutions. And some of these vendors may have overlap with other more preferred vendors. How do you choose the right vendor? How do you select for best integration? And how do you create a singular platform to deliver optimal end user value in a secure and highly performant manner, all while minimizing cost and administrative overhead?

These questions are especially critical with our healthcare clients. Organizations who routinely have prioritized slow moving stability, over the risk introduced by change with new features/functionality. However, the technology landscape is changing, and Healthcare organizations have told us they know they need to adopt to the faster pace, and modern workstyles demanded by their partners, physicians, and patients.

Announcing Entisys360 WorkspaceRx

This offering was built to provide our healthcare clients with the guidance and resources they need to take the next step in the Digital Workspace journey—dare I say transformation (uh-oh: buzzword)! It’s like a treasure map, where that treasure is improved patient care, better workforce enablement, and potential cost savings.

Why WorkspaceRx

Entisys360 WorkspaceRx  grew from our proven Assessment and Design consulting methodologies to become an all-encompassing Workspace transformation assessment, design, and analysis. The service engagement is split into five phases,  The next four phases are described in the image below and form the foundational elements of the offering.

Why WorkspaceRx

How is WorkspaceRx different from our previous offerings, and from the competition? I don’t want to give away all of secrets here, but below is a table comparing our “standard” Assessments and Designs (I’d hardly say anything Entisys360 does is just “standard”!) as compared to what’s included in WorkspaceRx.

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Written By: Bryan Zanoli