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Cisco Recall Information

Stay informed about the latest Cisco recall information and updates on e360. Discover important details regarding product recalls and ensure the safety and reliability of your Cisco devices.

All Cisco Users Must Read the Cisco Recall Information:

Recently, Cisco became aware of an issue related to a clock signal component manufactured by one supplier. Although the Cisco products with these components are currently performing normally, Cisco expects these affected products to fail increasingly over the years. The affected products are starting to fail after the unit has been in production starting at the 18 month mark. This isn’t a matter of “if” it will fail, we are being told it is a matter of “when” it will fail. Once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning and will not boot. We are being told by Cisco that they have identified the Cisco products that have the defective component and that they have remedied the issue for all Cisco products that have been purchased after 11/16/16. Cisco has confirmed that all Cisco products shipping currently do not have this issue. We acknowledge that this may raise concerns about affected components or devices in your own network and want to help support our customers from having a potential critical device failure BEFORE it happens.

To support our customers, we are working directly with Cisco to help bring this vital information to your attention and to assist our customers in replacing any affected Cisco products that have this component. Cisco will replace these defective products if they are under warranty or covered by any valid services contract dated as of November 16, 2016.

Due to the age-based nature of the failure and the volume of replacements, Cisco will be prioritizing orders based on the products’ time in operation. Therefore, fulfillment requests may be delayed and your request may be fulfilled in multiple shipments. Identifying the defective components now critical to ensuring there isn’t an extensive lead time with the replacement equipment being delivered to you.

We would like to assist you on any potential system failures. To ensure this, Entisys360 needs authorization to view your purchase history. This Letter of Authorization (LOA) allows Cisco to release the covered and uncovered equipment reports. Having this data will allow Entisys360 to alert you if any equipment has been purchased, and if the affected component is in your current environment. We can also notify you if there is any product that has or will expire off your current contract(s), reach EOS or if critical gear isn’t covered under a service contract. The data can also be used to manage your contracts (contract merges, co-term opportunities, install site management, etc..)

The affected devices are listed below. We’re here to walk you through this process and assist you through your Cisco product and service needs. Please contact Entisys360 at, or use this online contact form for immediate assistance.

Written By: e360 PR